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          Casing Spool

          Product Detail

            Casing SpoolQQ截圖20150508153919.jpg

            Technical Features

            The casing spool features a versatile straight bore design that can accept a wide variety of slip and mandrel type casing hangers, minimizes risk of damage to sealing areas by drilling tools, and prevents test-plug and blowout preventer wedging problems when pressure is applied.

            It can be equipped lock screws, outlets (line pipe or studded side with VR thread) or secondary seal structure, test port.

            Technical parameters

            l   Bore size: 16-3/4”Max.

            l   Working Pressure Rating: 3000psi~15,000psi

            l   Material Class: AA-FF

            l   Temperature Class: PU (-29~121)

            l   Product Specification Level: PSL1~PSL3

            l   Performance Requirement Level: PR1~PR2


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